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Information for Institutions

How does FEIMA operate?

FEIMA is a successful small business. In recognition of the tight budgets that Education organisations operate under, we are determined to keep costs down. We think you will find it difficult to find better value for money anywhere - see our fee structure below. We will interview FEIMA Associates who may be the answer to your problem, having already taken up their references. The people we shortlist will have experience in a similar or more demanding job during their recent career so will immediately be able to work with you to solve your needs. If we don’t have anyone suitable, we won’t waste your time - we will tell you immediately.

We aim to have interviewed and presented you with suitable candidates for your temporary post within three working days of your first contact with us. You will need to interview our Associates yourselves to ensure that you are appointing someone who will fit in with your team, a telephone interview can be used instead of a face to face interview, or just to select the short list.

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Terms of Business

Normally the FEIMA Associate will be an independent consultant, working through a limited company. The Associate’s company will be under contract to ourselves, and we will supply the Associate’s services to your Institution. The Associate is therefore not our employee, or yours. However, the Associate is subject to your normal employment rules regarding conduct, confidentiality, intellectual property rights, etc. The Associate will take full management responsibility for his or her actions, just like your permanent managers. Associates are instructed to take out professional indemnity insurance.

The period of engagement is typically between 20 days and six months, but there have been some shorter inspection type assignments and some longer term part time assignments.

Fees: We will charge 17.5% of the interim manager’s fee, presently with no VAT charge applicable. This compares favourably with typical commercial interim agency fees of 25-35%. Consultancy firms may charge you a lot more, and you get a consultant, not a manager. Expect to pay between 0.7 and 1% of the equivalent permanent salary per day for our Associates’ services, plus travelling and accommodation depending on their level and experience, plus our fee. The cost to you is thus likely to be in the range of £300 to £500 per day plus the 17.5% FEIMA fee. Associates charge directly so that if they are not VAT registered it will not be an additional cost paid which normally cannot be recovered by educational institutions.


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