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About Us

FEIMA is an organisation dedicated solely to providing recruitment services to educational establishments throughout the UK. Initially the service was primarily providing interim management for Further Education colleges. FEIMA has been operating since January 1999, and FEIMA Associates are now in post in various parts of the country. It is now expanding to offer a free service to all education institutions to advertise their vacancies.

FEIMA is recruiting top class short-term managers capable of filling gaps in education management at a few days notice. Independent managers interested in registering are invited to use the registration part of this web site.

What is interim management?

Interim management is simply the provision of a temporary person to cover a short term gap in management expertise. In education today many management teams are small– which means that if someone leaves unexpectedly, it is very difficult to fill the gap. Sometimes an institution is fortunate enough to gain substantial "windfall" funding from Europe or elsewhere, and needs to get the systems up and running in a hurry, or the institution has a special project in mind – a FEIMA associate can help you. We are also experienced in helping providers prepare for inspection.

How can FEIMA help?

FEIMA maintains a register of managers throughout the UK with substantial and successful experience in Further education and other sectors. Each is fully vetted by FEIMA and registered as a FEIMA Associate. A typical FEIMA Associate has retired early from a permanent post to pursue a career as an independent consultant. As a body, FEIMA Associates represent a substantial reservoir of talent and expertise which can be called upon at short notice. FEIMA’s mission is to match the needs of institutions with the expertise available. We aim to offer a choice of managers to fill the gap - and you will have the assurance of knowing that someone with proven expertise is on the job.

Please view our "Featured Profiles" page.

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Appointing a FEIMA Associate can turn a problem into an opportunity. You will gain an experienced manager and a fresh approach to your problems.


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